What is Off-Campus Programing?

“There is general agreement that Alberta needs to establish and maintain a flexible, highly competitive workforce and entrepreneurial culture. At the same time, there is considerable evidence indicating that students need more help to make successful transitions from secondary school into the workplace and/or post-secondary learning.” Alberta Education (https://education.alberta.ca/media/160356/carintern.pdf)

Alberta’s Off-Campus Education Rationale:

“Alberta Education permits school authorities to develop off-campus education programs and courses in accordance with prescribed guidelines and procedures. Such programs allow junior and senior high school students to investigate a variety of career opportunities.

“They also allow senior high school students to gain practical experience as they apply and expand their knowledge, skills and attitudes in contexts that will assist them in making wise decisions regarding their future education, training and employment upon leaving high school and allow for a smooth transition from school to work and/or post-secondary institutions.” (https://education.alberta.ca/off-campus-education/programs-of-study)

Red Deer Catholic Schools

Off-campus programs encompass any learning opportunity that occurs outside of traditional school classroom settings. All off-campus programs are connected to educational outcomes and have a designated certified teacher associated with the placement, assessment and reporting of the required outcomes.

Red Deer Catholic Schools is committed to providing students with a complete offering of learning opportunities delivered within the context of Catholic teachings and traditions. In doing so, we place a high value on supporting and facilitating meaningful career and specialized exploration opportunities for our students by partnering with businesses, post-secondary institutions and associations. Preparing students for careers and post-secondary study by engaging in authentic learning experiences, sets our students up for success beyond high school.

Off-Campus programs include:

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