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Dual Credit Programs

Dual credit programs allow our students to take a post-secondary course, or a series of courses and earn both high school credits, as well as college/university credentials. All courses are offered tuition fee, but require an application process for acceptance. Spaces are limited and students must meet the requirements of each specific program in order to be eligible.

We are committed to offering every available advantage to our students with a wide variety of diverse educational experiences and opportunities.

Dual Credit offerings are being added to frequently. If you do not see something here that is of interest to you please inquire and we will explore available opportunities.

  • Medical Terminology ( Medical)
  • Psychology (Medical, Social Work,transfers into several pathways)
  • Educational Assistant
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Marketing ( Business and Trades)
  • Interpersonal and Relationship Communication Skills ( Medical and Social Work)
  • Entrepreneurship (Business and Trades)
  • Software Development ( Business and Trades)
  • The Criminal Justice System
  • Agriculture Service Technician
  • Landscaping
  • Horticulture
  • Introduction to Addiction Studies (Social Work)
  • Environmental Stewardship - Site Mapping & Graphics
  • Religious Studies
  • Animal Sciences

Many of these courses can be grouped to earn Certificates of Achievement in a variety of different areas including Medical Administration, Practical Nursing Business Management etc. Please inquire.

School within a College (SWAC)

School within a College (SWAC) is a program available to Grade 12 students in their second semester. This unique opportunity allows our students to attend technical training classes at Red Deer College (RDC) starting in February.

This is a pre-employment program, which runs for six hours a day. Students earn nineteen 30 level credits. Students in the program have an opportunity to train with their college instructors for other opportunities, such as Regional Alberta Skills Competitions. At the competition of the course, students are prepared to challenge their first-period apprenticeship exam. Pre-planning is vital to students being accepted into this program, as they must complete many of their graduation requirements by the end of Semester 1.

Programs in SWAC:

  • Pre-employment automotive service technician
  • Pre-employment welding
  • First period Culinary

If you are interested in applying for Dual Credit, please fill out this form or type bit.ly/rdcsdualcredit

For more information on Dual Credit programming, please contact Tracey Millar at rdcrsoffcampus@rdcrs.ca.