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Summer Intern Opportunities

CAREERS Central Update_May 26, 2022.pdf

Students enrolled in RAP can:

  • work as an apprentice in one of Alberta’s 50 or more designated trades/occupations

  • spend part of the year completing high school diploma requirements and another part of the year working

  • gain experience at an approved work site

  • accumulate hours toward a ticket while attending high school full-time

  • complete health and safety training

  • get a head start on completing the first year of apprenticeship training while in high school

  • transition into full-time apprenticeship program upon high school graduation

  • earn cash scholarships

CAREERS is a unique, industry-led public/private not-for-profit foundation established in 1997. It brings together industry, schools, government, and communities to guide youth into successful career paths. Together we are motivating students by making the workplace an extension of the classroom and we can prepare students for a future where they are in demand!

If you have any questions or wish to apply for any of these positions

please email Tracey Millar - Off-Campus Lead Teacher tracey.millar@rdcrs.ca